VA-Hood Rich (29-11-2013)

| 29/11/2013

Artist: VA
Mixtape: Hood Rich
Date: 29-11-2013
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop


1 Intro Drippin Suace (Prod. by Gotham City)
2 Throwin Money (Prod. By 808Quak)
3 I Do The Most (Prod. By Jay-O)
4 Lord Bless’m (Prod By 808Quak)
5 Intoxicated (Prod. By Gotham City)
6 Ballin (Feat. Yung Trell #GGE) (Prod. By J.Beatz)
7 Hate (Prod. By Jay-O)
8 I Gettin Dis Money (Prod. By 808Quak)
9 Push A Button (Feat. Yung LA) (Prod. By 808Quak)
10 I Can’t Help It (Feat. Dave Lucci) (Prod. By 808Quak)
11 Trap’n (Feat. Yung LA) (Prod. By 808Quak)
12 Flex (Prod. By 808Quak)
13 Party (Feat. Yung LA) (Prod. By 808Quak)
14 Everythang Designer (Prod. 808Quak)
15 Molly (Prod. By 808Quak)
16 Hunnid Bands (Prod. 808Quak)
17 Take Ova The City (Prod. By 808Quak)
18 Sauced Up (Prod. By 808Quak)

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VA-Hood Rich (29-11-2013)

Category: Hip Hop & RnB

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